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A jewel box of treasured songs beloved and played

by acclaimed singer, songwriter and guitar player, Mike Silver.


Choice of music is always a measure of a musician’s true worth when they create an album comprising other people’s songs – and ‘Silver Collection’, Mike Silver’s new CD of his favourite songs from across the musical pantheon, demonstrates an outstandingly bold and thoughtful choice; it also showcases superb musicianship and an extraordinary ability to awaken something fresh, original and new in each of the album’s superbly crafted 14 songs. Spanning traditional ballads, epic jazz and blues, as well as classics by Mike’s favourite singer-songwriters from the UK and USA, ‘Silver Collection’ is a beautiful, sensitive and richly rewarding album that transforms familiar songs into newly made, magical and wonderful music.

Track Listings

1) Paris (Ewen Carruthers) 

2) Lucky Old Sun (Guillespie/Smith)

3) The Amber Room (Ewen Carruthers)

4) Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan)

5) Lord Franklin (Trad arr. Silver)

6) The Autumn Leaves (Mercer/Kosma

7) Snowing on Raton (Townes van Zandt)



8) Strange Fruit (Lewis Allan aka Abel Meeropol)

9) Foundryman’s Daughter (John Richards)

10) Safe in the Harbour (Erik Bogle)

11) Alcatraz (Ewen Carruthers)

12) Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez)

13) The Water is Wide (Trad arr. Silver)

14) Was it You (Ewen Carruthers








 JACK DANCES REVIEW – by William Villiers - December 2012

Long heralded as a master craftsman of song-writing, singing and performing....‘Jack Dances’ further confirms Mike Silver’s position as one of the UK’s foremost roots-and-acoustic singer-songwriters.. Supremely confident and competent guitar, plus his trademark rich, warm voice.. Holiday hell-holes, love songs (to a grandson and to a guitar!) all fall within the remit of Silver’s song-writing abilities on ‘Jack Dances’; a master-class in restraint and time-served musicianship.  

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Mikes new album 'JACK DANCES' is out now! 
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Being able to play music is like having my birthday every day.  When you play for people, the size of the audience is irrelevant, sometimes in live performance, at the end of a song there is a moment of silence before the applause begins. It's like a benign earthquake in the heart, it is these rare moments that keep me and so many of my talented colleagues on the road. It is what we all live for. 

Now based in Launceston, Cornwall, Mike Silver has been writing and playing music for more than 30 years, enjoying success throughout the UK and various territories around the world. Check out Mike's Video

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Mike Silver


Singer, songwriter and performer

Songs from the soul –straight to the heart

It’s that moment when the song wings in under the radar and goes straight to your heart; that’s what you’ll remember most about Mike Silver – how the music born of his soul speaks to you, knows who you are, echoes your thoughts and experiences – and, before you know it, becomes a beloved part of you forever.

Mike Silver is a superb songwriter, masterful guitarist and captivating performer, beguiling audiences with music that reaches out and draws you in, with a voice that is warm, embracing and richly resonant. With a lifetime of professional music behind him, plus a busy on-going concert, song-writing and recording schedule, Mike continues to perform throughout the UK, Europe and America, captivating audiences with songs of insight, experience - and accurate observation of our all-too-vulnerable human condition.







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